Jaffy's Mallaig Kippers - Great Taste Supreme Champion 2021

Our award-winning Oak Smoked Mallaig Kippers gain recognition

George with our Mallaig kippers in the smokehouse that has been around since our inception.

We were delighted to again be listed in the Top 50 Foods in the UK back in September 2016. 

Check out the accompanying spotless review by renowned Food Writer Charles Campion! 

"Once upon a time, Kippers graced breakfast tables across the land. They were a cheap protein, and very very delicious. This pair of kippers is from Jaffy's, the last kipper yard in Mallaig in Scotland. The difficult thing with kippers is to get them smoked enough but not too much - so they aren't tasting strong, they're just tasting seasoned - and these are just about perfect. There used to be an old joke which was "Do kippers swim folded or flat?" And the truth of the matter is kippers don't swim at all. Herrings swim, and then they're split down the middle, brined, smoked, and at that point they become kippers.
Buttery, juicy, full of flavour. This should be coming to a breakfast plate near you jolly soon!"

To shop our Oak Smoked Mallaig Kippers or to shop the full range of smoked fish products, visit our All Products page or visit our Seafood Deli in Mallaig.

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