Jaffy's Mallaig Kippers - Great Taste Supreme Champion 2021

Oak Smoked Mallaig Kippers voted Best Scottish Speciality Food in September 2014

George with our Mallaig kippers in the smokehouse that has been around since our inception.

We were delighted that, for the second time, our Jaffys Oak Smoked Mallaig Kippers were awarded the prestigious accolade of Best Scottish Speciality Food in September of 2014.

Check out what Jaffy's owner, Jeff, had to say about receiving the award back in 2014!

"There's so much kudos attached to an award like this. Everyone knows what this means, so people will come into our shop and see this award and think "Oh my goodness, what a great accolade" and trust that we are what we say we are - purveyors of the finest smoked Scottish seafood, so for us we know it's going to be great for our business."

You can shop our Oak Smoked Mallaig Kippers or browse the full range of smoked fish products by visiting our Online Shop or visiting our Seafood Deli in Mallaig.

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