Jaffy's Mallaig Kippers - Great Taste Supreme Champion 2021

Oak Smoked Mallaig Kippers awarded 3 Gold Stars by the Guild of Fine Food

A selection of our kippers being slowly smoked in our smokehouse in the village of Mallaig.

Looking back on 2014, we were delighted that our Jaffy's Traditional Oak Smoked Mallaig Kippers were awarded 3 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards by the Guild of Fine Food.

For the fourth year in a row, our Oak Smoked Mallaig Kippers received 3 Gold Stars from the Guild. In 2011, they were awarded Best Scottish Speciality Food and were presented with a coveted Golden Fork, before being nominated again in 2012. That year, we were also included in the list of Top 50 Finest Foods Producers from Britain and Ireland.

In 2014, it took 45 days to judge the 10,000 entries; before any food was awarded a one star gold, at least 14 experts had to agree it was perfect.

Similarly, to be awarded two or three stars, at least 25 experts needed to reach unanimous agreement that the entry was perfectly delicious. For context, only 154 foods were awarded 3 Gold Stars! Having been awarded three stars, our Kippers were subjected to a further round of tastings and were put forward for the national final the following September. In the same year, we were extremely proud that Jaffy's Oak Smoked Spiced Salmon was awarded 2 Gold Stars, and our Jaffy's Traditional Oak Smoked Organic Salmon and Organic Peat Smoked Salmon won 1 Gold Star each.

To shop our full range of premium quality smoked fish products, you can browse our Online Shop or visit our Seafood Deli in Mallaig.

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